Sunday Brunch for 10

Yesterday we hosted a long overdue Sunday brunch for our friends that never came brunching before at our home, so we had to make a deluxe version of The 3L Syndrome Brunch.
  • Pumkin soup with pumkin seed oil
  • Mini salmon-goatcheese and spinach quiches
  • American pancakes with maple syrup
  • Homemade granola with greek yoghurt & berries
  • Home made cinnamon rolls
  • Bread, cheese & coldcuts
  • Clementine - witlof - spinach - manchego salad 
  • Eggs benedict
  • Blood orange bellini
  • Coffee
It was nice to see everybody again and to chat a little on an rainy sunday afternoon. Olivia had a blast playing with her aunties, asking all their attention to play with the dolls, her books, the ipad and building forts with the sofa cushions. There was some baby talk, which gives me hope that in a few years we can do this brunch with some littles running around. There was some serious practicing going on with Olivia's dolls. Go girlies! It was a good Sunday :)
Have a happy Monday!