A gift list for myself. Yes. I am like that.

It's that time of the year again. The shop windows start to get decorated and I'm starting to think: Presents. For myself. and for others.
I curated a little christmas gift collection. Just for information.
christmas lists
 1. A LBD. I have never found the ultimate one. Maybe this one could be it - a Vila dress. Can be found here
2. I am working on a signature DIY wall in our dining room. These would make a perfect addition.
3. Another pair of Wouters & Hendrix earrings. I just love the whole assymetric thing currently.
4. The dream of every foodie: having a full set of these.
5. We have been needing a nice set of cutlery for a while now. We like these ones from Zara home. But we cannot decide on the ones with the wood or just silver.
6. My boudoir bathroom is in need of some luxurious, sexy towels, also at Zara Home .
7. Every mother wants a little bangle with the initials of her little angel.
8. A fashionable and comfortable tartan dress by Noisy May
9. A very nice & luxurious looking poncho in light blue. Perfect for snowy weather.
10. Lingerie always makes a good gift. Well, depends who you get it from.