Mommy Talk

I love my afternoons. Especially when you can go visit a newborn, a fresh little cute baby boy.
 Babies are so special, so unwritten and soft and sweet.
3 mommies talking about these special first moments (both the difficult ones and the good ones) with your newborn and how they influenced us as a mother and a woman. 
1 daddy providing us with coffee & cupcakes and rocking his new son in his arms.
Sometimes you seem to forget that once this little girl was a fresh little baby, because you make memories every day, which makes it difficult for the mind to hang on to each feeling and moment. They grow up so fast. I sometimes still think that I am a new mommy but it's been 3 years that she was growing in my belly.
While the mommies talked, the little girls bonded in their own way, reading books, jumping on the trampoline and blowing bubbles.

Happiness is the Truth

One of my all time favourite albums is 'in search of' by N.E.R.D. I just realised that this album is already more than 13 years old. That's crazy! But I still know every song by heart (yes, I'm a rapper). So when I heard that Pharrell was coming to Antwerp, my  Annelies & myself just had to get tickets.
When you put Annelies and me together, you can be sure that we laugh a lot, and mostly about the most stupid things first. I just love that about us. So even the 150 minutes'(!!!) drive over there (including chips, beer (for her), toilet and candy stops) was fun. It felt like a girlie road trip as we used to do when we were younger.
Anyway - the concert. The man made us wait quite a bit (the 33 year old mother, working girl and boring woman in myself was already thinking: damn, when will I be in bed, and I have to get up early, and it's a long drive and it's raining, blabla), but from the moment that he set foot on the stage until the last song finished we shaked our booties, baby. And it felt so good that I even forgot about the long drive home, the early morning alarm clock and the fact that I'm not in my twenties anymore). And oh boy, those dancers, sexy women!
We gave a 100%, just like they did - sort of.... :)
It was a perfect evening and I'm even a bigger fan now, because he played all my favourite songs from my 13 year old cd (yes, cd - I'm that old) and he seemed really down to earth and happy to be there.
I think everybody left the venue with a good feeling.
#goodtimes #youcantbemeimarockstar #happy #bff


Piknik Music

Sundays are always a battle between staying in pajamas all day long or getting dressed and go do something. This Sunday started out very rainy, so the idea of hanging in the sofa all day was very tempting, but around 4 the sun came out and we were all getting bored inside, so we decided to go to Piknik music - a Sunday Picknick get-together with chill music, families and hipsters, cocktails, food trucks and a loungy ambiance,- this time it was organised at a local lake. Olivia terrorised everybody with hands full of sand. We met some familiar faces, had a cocktail and a big chocolate muffin and headed back home at sunset with a good feeling about our Sunday.
I like initiatives that get you out of the Sunday boredom and encourages people to take kids, a blanket, a picnic basket and go chill on the water side.

2 girls in Central Park (not)

Last Saturday we met our friends in the park 'La Cambre' in Brussels for a little stroll, some ice cream and some chill time with the girlies. The park has a real NY Central Park feel to it, with boats on the water, ice cream trucks, dogs, people running, playing badminton, having picnics - the green lung of Brussels.  I think it is very cool that L and I met over 10 years ago at school (In Brussels) and after all this time remained good friends. We grew a lot in these 10 years, found ourselves and settled down with our hubbies and little girlies - it is so fun to look back and to see how our lives evolved through the years. I hope for the girls that they will bond too in a few years or at least find friendship that will last for years & years.
NB: Yes, Olivia's dress is stained with chocolate ice cream, but who cares, she really enjoyed it and that's all that matters, no?

Sundays at the Fairground

An afternoon at the fairground - some photos from the beginning of the summer (at the fair in our hometown) and some from the end of the summer (at the fair in Leuven). O loves fishing duckies and choosing presents. She has the most proud face when she gets her prize, so cute. She is not very keen on all the moving things. She rather observes from the side and when we ask her if she wants to go on the merry-go-round, the answer is a standard no - but if we go with her she likes it from the second time around. For a kid it must be so amazing - all these colours, noise, colored food and the dangerously moving things. I always said I would not take my kid to the fairground, but just this cute face on the first photo makes all your stupid principles go away.