Mommy Talk

I love my afternoons. Especially when you can go visit a newborn, a fresh little cute baby boy.
 Babies are so special, so unwritten and soft and sweet.
3 mommies talking about these special first moments (both the difficult ones and the good ones) with your newborn and how they influenced us as a mother and a woman. 
1 daddy providing us with coffee & cupcakes and rocking his new son in his arms.
Sometimes you seem to forget that once this little girl was a fresh little baby, because you make memories every day, which makes it difficult for the mind to hang on to each feeling and moment. They grow up so fast. I sometimes still think that I am a new mommy but it's been 3 years that she was growing in my belly.
While the mommies talked, the little girls bonded in their own way, reading books, jumping on the trampoline and blowing bubbles.