Piknik Music

Sundays are always a battle between staying in pajamas all day long or getting dressed and go do something. This Sunday started out very rainy, so the idea of hanging in the sofa all day was very tempting, but around 4 the sun came out and we were all getting bored inside, so we decided to go to Piknik music - a Sunday Picknick get-together with chill music, families and hipsters, cocktails, food trucks and a loungy ambiance,- this time it was organised at a local lake. Olivia terrorised everybody with hands full of sand. We met some familiar faces, had a cocktail and a big chocolate muffin and headed back home at sunset with a good feeling about our Sunday.
I like initiatives that get you out of the Sunday boredom and encourages people to take kids, a blanket, a picnic basket and go chill on the water side.