2 Years Ago...

Nb. I found this little gem on Etsy.com, I just had to buy it, it's like it was made for us.

It is hanging proudly on the wall of the first floor, next to the large picture of the lake where he proposed (see first picture of the post).

Our vegetable garden...Update+

Do you remember this garden I used to blog about? Well, it still exists. We don't grow so many things this year, because I wanted to take a garden-sabbatical, but hubby wanted to grow some veggies for his daughter anyway. Now these veggie-monsters are taking over the whole garden. I think we put seeds of pumpkins and round zucchinis in the same hole and for the life of me, I don't know whether the monsters are pumpkins or zucchinis, or maybe a whole new vegetable. Anyway, they are big & green. If somebody can help me figure it out, I would be most grateful.
We also have three different berries growing, but only one gave us actual fruit. Very sweet and yummie, Olivia ate them all.

Next year I'm gonna make sure I have a good herb garden, because we spent so much money every week on herbs, and then we use almost nothing. I just wanna go out in my garden and cut off the herbs I need.

What we ate.

I decided to change the name of this part of the blog into 'What We Ate' (instead of Food Lately)
So this is' What We Ate' last week.
Happy Monday, you guys!

*Shrimp & Grapefruit Risotto
*Herby Lamb Meatballs with coconut cream, served with wild rice
*Crispy & Creamy chicken & mushrooms with potato bake
*Fresh Corn chowder (From fresh corn, no tins)
*Multi colour Tomato salad with buffalo mozzarella (side dish)
*Pork Padrino with linguine (a sauce of Vermouth & cream / Pork with mozzarella, capers, and Anchovies)
*Red Pesto Penne with spicy sausage, pancetta & mushrooms
*Fish burgers of lemon sole filets with home made yoghurt sauce and pea & mint mash
*Breakfast plate: Toast with salmon/avocado/poached egg & a toast with cheese/green asparagus/poached egg
*Sunday Afternoon blueberry muffins



The godmothers: Part 2

This Friday the godmothers took an afternoon trip again to the swimming pool.
As I can rename my daughter Nemo these days, we take every chance to take her swimming.
I hope by taking her into the water every week, she will learn how to swim easily without being afraid of the water. For the moment she is refusing every form of water protective things, even a very nice Sesame street swimming floatie. I will have to get her the swimming suit with the protection built-in, because the kid knows no fear.
Petti and her 'meter' are really connecting and Petti feels good in her company!
I hope a great relation is being born here! I think Petti also tightened my relationship with my godchild, which is really cool too!

Things the kid does & some mommy thoughts

There is this stupid advertisement for yoghurt that says: Discover their talents and teach them to DARE (on children) and It always makes me think about the sort of education I would like to give Olivia. I do think that these are the most important things I want to give her (other than my unconditional love of course): the freedom to discover the world,to explore her talents and to make her dare to do things. No to be scared and dream. I have never been much of a dreamer myself - And since, let's be honest, we want our kids to be better versions of ourselves, I wish for her to dream and to follow her dreams.
Here a few examples of what she gets up to:
Eating Petit Gervais on her own

Help me hang or unhang the laundry

Play on wet floors

Eat big girl Penne with Pesto
Play Angry Birds like a pro
Help mummy to clean or empty the bucket is a better definition
 Choosing the perfect wet wipe
Brush her hair
Drink her goodnight bottle all by herself
Walk with her bike backwards
Reorganise the pantry
Making art
feeling the grass