Our vegetable garden...Update+

Do you remember this garden I used to blog about? Well, it still exists. We don't grow so many things this year, because I wanted to take a garden-sabbatical, but hubby wanted to grow some veggies for his daughter anyway. Now these veggie-monsters are taking over the whole garden. I think we put seeds of pumpkins and round zucchinis in the same hole and for the life of me, I don't know whether the monsters are pumpkins or zucchinis, or maybe a whole new vegetable. Anyway, they are big & green. If somebody can help me figure it out, I would be most grateful.
We also have three different berries growing, but only one gave us actual fruit. Very sweet and yummie, Olivia ate them all.

Next year I'm gonna make sure I have a good herb garden, because we spent so much money every week on herbs, and then we use almost nothing. I just wanna go out in my garden and cut off the herbs I need.