What we ate.

I decided to change the name of this part of the blog into 'What We Ate' (instead of Food Lately)
So this is' What We Ate' last week.
Happy Monday, you guys!

*Shrimp & Grapefruit Risotto
*Herby Lamb Meatballs with coconut cream, served with wild rice
*Crispy & Creamy chicken & mushrooms with potato bake
*Fresh Corn chowder (From fresh corn, no tins)
*Multi colour Tomato salad with buffalo mozzarella (side dish)
*Pork Padrino with linguine (a sauce of Vermouth & cream / Pork with mozzarella, capers, and Anchovies)
*Red Pesto Penne with spicy sausage, pancetta & mushrooms
*Fish burgers of lemon sole filets with home made yoghurt sauce and pea & mint mash
*Breakfast plate: Toast with salmon/avocado/poached egg & a toast with cheese/green asparagus/poached egg
*Sunday Afternoon blueberry muffins