Things the kid does & some mommy thoughts

There is this stupid advertisement for yoghurt that says: Discover their talents and teach them to DARE (on children) and It always makes me think about the sort of education I would like to give Olivia. I do think that these are the most important things I want to give her (other than my unconditional love of course): the freedom to discover the world,to explore her talents and to make her dare to do things. No to be scared and dream. I have never been much of a dreamer myself - And since, let's be honest, we want our kids to be better versions of ourselves, I wish for her to dream and to follow her dreams.
Here a few examples of what she gets up to:
Eating Petit Gervais on her own

Help me hang or unhang the laundry

Play on wet floors

Eat big girl Penne with Pesto
Play Angry Birds like a pro
Help mummy to clean or empty the bucket is a better definition
 Choosing the perfect wet wipe
Brush her hair
Drink her goodnight bottle all by herself
Walk with her bike backwards
Reorganise the pantry
Making art
feeling the grass