Sunday Roast with all the parents

This Sunday was 'the' Sunday that my parents met his parents for the first time. The Stress!
To celebrate this event, we did an English Sunday Roast, which turned out to be a big success.

 Grey and yellow colours for the table
The roast professionally packed by Lolo, and impregnated with garlic
Parsnip and carrots, drizzled with good honey, olive oil and herbs, in the oven together with the roast.
Yorkshire Puddings fresh out of the oven, ready to be filled with yummie gravy
The Lunch served with fresh potato mash
Nice colours for the eyes and nice taste for the mouth.
 Woefke says it was good!

Things keep growing over here

You were expecting photo's of my hugenormous belly, I know. Next time, people.
But let's not forget that other things keep growing too - like our vegetable garden.
Even though it gets more difficult to keep it tidy with this beebeeke in my belly & the rain of the last days, but it doesn't stop the salads & the spinach from growing.

Lazy Sunday with Banana Muffins

Thanks to the adorable 2 year old Silas for eating  my muffins with great enthusiasm

Noodles and Rice

You will need to chop Coriander, red bell pepper, garlic and white onion
Some nice Asian looking mushrooms
Some finely sliced beef

Everything in the wok with some fish sauce, soya sauce, red chilly flakes and some beef stock
Add glass noodles and make them cook in the soup
Et voilĂ  (add coriander and spring onion at the end)


We made another easypeasy Asian inspired dish with squid & tiger prawns 
You will need 
Squid and tiger prawns (can be deep-frozen ones)
Pangaeng fresh curry paste (from the Thai store)
Spring onion
Basmati Rice
Coriander for the taste and colour (add at the end)
Et voilĂ 
I like the way the squid curls up when it touches the hot pan.
Serve with rice.
Bon appetit!

Nostalgia & cheesecake

Since my body doesn't let me be very active anymore these days,  I am very happy to have had a very lazy weekend like this one. We rested a lot, did some shopping for the mister, made cheese cake and we took a little walk to the nostalgia fair in the town we live in.
 I think we finally found the right recipe for the perfect cheese cake.
After looking everywhere for Graham Crackers (because every recipe says you need graham crackers), I finally found them at the Thai Food Store next to my work. Every recipe you find also says you need cream cheese, which is not easy to find, because Philadelphia just won"t do, it doesn't have the right consistency. In my opinion, the best substitute you can find for cream cheese is Nestle's Supercreme.
 Crushing the graham crackers
 The real thing
 Home made wild blueberries coulis

 The result
 The volunteer


More of me (to love)

More of me to love, that's true.
A whole lot of Lisa, by AC/DC on my mind 
Anyway, some pregnancy outfits from the last months. 

20 weeks
Week 23

 Week 25

Week 27

 Week 31

And this is now: at 33 weeks, where no clothes are comfortable any-more

 Heels only for the show, and for the pictures. Don't be naive.