Noodles and Rice

You will need to chop Coriander, red bell pepper, garlic and white onion
Some nice Asian looking mushrooms
Some finely sliced beef

Everything in the wok with some fish sauce, soya sauce, red chilly flakes and some beef stock
Add glass noodles and make them cook in the soup
Et voilĂ  (add coriander and spring onion at the end)


We made another easypeasy Asian inspired dish with squid & tiger prawns 
You will need 
Squid and tiger prawns (can be deep-frozen ones)
Pangaeng fresh curry paste (from the Thai store)
Spring onion
Basmati Rice
Coriander for the taste and colour (add at the end)
Et voilĂ 
I like the way the squid curls up when it touches the hot pan.
Serve with rice.
Bon appetit!

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