Nostalgia & cheesecake

Since my body doesn't let me be very active anymore these days,  I am very happy to have had a very lazy weekend like this one. We rested a lot, did some shopping for the mister, made cheese cake and we took a little walk to the nostalgia fair in the town we live in.
 I think we finally found the right recipe for the perfect cheese cake.
After looking everywhere for Graham Crackers (because every recipe says you need graham crackers), I finally found them at the Thai Food Store next to my work. Every recipe you find also says you need cream cheese, which is not easy to find, because Philadelphia just won"t do, it doesn't have the right consistency. In my opinion, the best substitute you can find for cream cheese is Nestle's Supercreme.
 Crushing the graham crackers
 The real thing
 Home made wild blueberries coulis

 The result
 The volunteer


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