2-Year Anniversary @ Restaurant Luzine, Leuven

On April 3 we are 2-years happy together. I'm telling you, really happy together.
These have been the best 2 years ever. So much has happened and so much is still to happen.
We decided to treat ourselves to a very nice dinner @ Luzine in Leuven, the restaurant of Jeroen Meus. And it was fabulous, we were impressed by every course of the Signature menu.
It is also a very cool place with black walls and golden accents, that make it purrfect for an intimate tête-à-tête. We enjoyed every second of our evening together with some great food.
(It was not easy to find an outfit suitable for the occasion, but I did my best)

The man that makes me happy

Some pictures of the Food (in bad quality since I didn't want to point the attention to us by doing crazy things with the camera) but you get the picture.

 Menu to be found on this website

My 31 week baby bump

By Lisa

 Beebeeke & me are really a good team. She reminds me when to eat, when to rest & when to sleep. I never get tired of feeling her moving around in my tummy, even when it sometimes feels like she is doing double backward flips. Every mummy tells me to cherish this 'only mummy & baby' time, but I am starting to understand what they mean. It is really special what we have going on here.

  The 'one number' countdown has begun

Herbs and goodies

This weekend it was really spring time outside and in our hearts. 
Our vegetable / herb / fruit garden has undergone a big expansion
The garden is starting to be ready for the summer

All different kinds of strawberries
All the kitchen herbs you can imagine
First Apero of the year on our terrace - with calamares carpaccio
Spanish Olives
And cherry tomatoes sweet as candy
For me an non-alcoholic alternative: Elderflower Lemonade
Fresh sole 'Meunière' with potatoes 'persillé & garlic'
 This morning breakfast on the terrace with berries and greek yoghurt
 And Lolo's famous omelet
 Maybe I should make some muffins with the rest of the berries...
Full of energy here...

Food Lately at our house

By Lisa
 Siesta Tisane
 Breakfast with scones & bagels
 Fresh Grapefruit Juice and yoghurt-with cereal & pear
 Easter Flowers
 Greek Yoghurt with melon, berries, nuts and honey
 Salmon out of the oven
 Courgette & Broccoli green soup
 Salmon, mash and asparagus
 Green Pea soup, salad with rocket salad, feta, cherry tomatoes, red onion and Spanish ham, naan bread
 Fresh Orange Juice with a fruit salad of apple, pear & pink grapefruit
 Spring Table
 Breakfast material
 Salade de Liège
 with a nice vinaigrette
Pineapple carpaccio with mint sugar, a healthy dessert