2-Year Anniversary @ Restaurant Luzine, Leuven

On April 3 we are 2-years happy together. I'm telling you, really happy together.
These have been the best 2 years ever. So much has happened and so much is still to happen.
We decided to treat ourselves to a very nice dinner @ Luzine in Leuven, the restaurant of Jeroen Meus. And it was fabulous, we were impressed by every course of the Signature menu.
It is also a very cool place with black walls and golden accents, that make it purrfect for an intimate tête-à-tête. We enjoyed every second of our evening together with some great food.
(It was not easy to find an outfit suitable for the occasion, but I did my best)

The man that makes me happy

Some pictures of the Food (in bad quality since I didn't want to point the attention to us by doing crazy things with the camera) but you get the picture.

 Menu to be found on this website

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