The art of doing nothing at all

By Lisa
It is an art I master



I follow you deep sea, baby

There are worse places to be right now

Beebeekes First Things

The shopping has begun. Not only by me, but also by friends and family. I like.
After 5 months of keeping calm, I think the time has come...SHOPPING
And of course, a happy mommy means a happy baby.
So my hubbie also took care of me and my feet.

My favourite spots in our house

I am still so much in love with our house
 Our new 'Loft' lamp in the living room
 The picture of the magical place where he asked to marry him in the hall way
The diamond chair in the living room
The mural art by Banksy 'girl with balloon' in the dining room
our newest asset

Our wooden wall with bird houses decoration in the hall way, with the Eames rocking chair

Happy Birthday, The 3 L Syndrome!

By Lisa

A year ago I started writing this blog with as main goal to save all our recipes and food experiences, but since then it became so much more to me. It has become a way of expressing myself and I feel very comfortable with it as a diary reporting all the things I find important in our life.

I am also happy to see that I have readers from all over the world, Belgium of course first, then US, France, UK, Italy, Germany,...

I want to thank all the wonderful people who read the blog and comment on it. It definitely wouldn’t still be in existence without you! Please keep on reading it and I would really like to get to know my readers a bit better!

PS: oh yeah, we became a .com as in
That means we exist, right? with a new layout

The 3L Syndrome continues..also literally, since we will be 3 soon enough! 
Thanks for reading!


Music for the unborn

 I have read that from at least the 23rd week on, a preborn baby's hearing is developed enough to enable him to respond to outside noise. Babies seem agitated by rock music, kicking violently when they hear it (hmm...maybe I misunderstood the headbanging at 'Rage against the machine' ) and are calmed by classical music. Even the five-month-old foetus has been found to have discriminating musical ears. I am not quite ready to listen to classical music everyday, because it makes me nervous = equals nervous baby, so I am trying to put together a playlist that will become the soundtrack of my unborn baby’s early life. I have read somewhere that they recognise it after they are born, and that it will soothe them when they feel distressed. Worth trying, no?
I was thinking Zero7, Amy Winehouse, Air, Moby & on other moments I'm thinking other classics like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, The Doors, Nirvana (the softer songs, I mean) or Jazz, or does it need Rap & R&B to survive in this world?
Euhm, or maybe will just try to stay a bit of rock 'n roll.

Oriental Food Feast

My man made an all oriental food weekend feast.
And very yummie it was.
 A couscous / Tagine with chicken, peas, carrots, leek and raisins.
Special herb: Raz el Hanoud
 Grilled Lamb Kebabs with garlic, parsley, pine nuts, olive oil, pita herbs
Accompanied by tomato salad, rocket salad, coriander and a cucumber-yoghurt sauce to fill the kebab breads. We tried a little trick of Jamie Oliver, put the bread in wet baking paper in the oven and they don't dry out. It works.
Thanks you my sweet man, for all the lovely food!
 ( Decorative Photos from my trip to Morocco with Laura / Food photos taken this weekend)

No Honeymoon, but a Babymoon!!

I'm over the moon because we are going on a babymoon very soon!!!
A babymoon is a vacation taken by a couple that is expecting a baby in order to allow the couple to enjoy a final trip together before the many sleepless nights that usually accompany a newborn baby. So, that is exactly what we are going to do here.
A nice romantic getaway with my futur husband and father of our kiddie.
I can't wait!!

Travel light, All in pregnancy size!

Half way...

20 weeks have passed and 20 are to come.
It should be 18cm now, hence the belly
I felt him/her move this week for the first time.
It's becoming real...& it feels good.

(Thanks to Anneleen, a fabulous new-mommy, for the dress)

Happy 2012!!!

Woefke & Ploesjie
Home made New Year's dinner
A house in our neighbourhood capturing the holiday Spirit
Home made

The Disappointment of Christmas

Sometimes I get down from my Christmas trip, and I do realise that I try to keep something alive that doesn't really exist. Friends are not calling 'yoohoo', arriving on their sleighs. Family doesn't come over with home made turkey left overs. The tree is not smelling of pine, since it is a fake one - because it is too much hassle to vacuum the needles everyday-. Was it ever like they let us believe in the Christmas carols?
And why do we always wish for snow even it means we cannot go see our family and friends, because the roads are not accessible like last year?

Even Coca Cola put aside their old commercial and are broadcasting something modern, with a computerised Santa. I blame them for my Christmas freakishness. But when even they stop believing in the old fashioned Christmas, what am I to do? Maybe I have to stop believing in the American Christmas Tale.

It's like people are too tired for every effort it may take. Every magazine talks about how to avoid the "Holidays Stress". Should we maybe go back to basics, and see this time as a time to come closer to each other and just enjoy each others company, instead of worrying what main course to make ?

Long live the christmas spirit, even if it doesn't exist.
Next year we will have a beebeeke that I can indoctrinate. Hihihi