The Disappointment of Christmas

Sometimes I get down from my Christmas trip, and I do realise that I try to keep something alive that doesn't really exist. Friends are not calling 'yoohoo', arriving on their sleighs. Family doesn't come over with home made turkey left overs. The tree is not smelling of pine, since it is a fake one - because it is too much hassle to vacuum the needles everyday-. Was it ever like they let us believe in the Christmas carols?
And why do we always wish for snow even it means we cannot go see our family and friends, because the roads are not accessible like last year?

Even Coca Cola put aside their old commercial and are broadcasting something modern, with a computerised Santa. I blame them for my Christmas freakishness. But when even they stop believing in the old fashioned Christmas, what am I to do? Maybe I have to stop believing in the American Christmas Tale.

It's like people are too tired for every effort it may take. Every magazine talks about how to avoid the "Holidays Stress". Should we maybe go back to basics, and see this time as a time to come closer to each other and just enjoy each others company, instead of worrying what main course to make ?

Long live the christmas spirit, even if it doesn't exist.
Next year we will have a beebeeke that I can indoctrinate. Hihihi

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  1. You already have a baby, big one I have to admit but still a baby anyway (and it might be easier to make him believe in christmas stories...).
    I do not have christmas spirit at all but I totaly agree on the fact that we should go back to simplicity and just share time together with a good bottle of wine, a little bit of ham and cheese and that's it: so we have plan for next year, don't we?
    I am kidding: my mother would kill me...
    Take care