Happy Birthday, The 3 L Syndrome!

By Lisa

A year ago I started writing this blog with as main goal to save all our recipes and food experiences, but since then it became so much more to me. It has become a way of expressing myself and I feel very comfortable with it as a diary reporting all the things I find important in our life.

I am also happy to see that I have readers from all over the world, Belgium of course first, then US, France, UK, Italy, Germany,...

I want to thank all the wonderful people who read the blog and comment on it. It definitely wouldn’t still be in existence without you! Please keep on reading it and I would really like to get to know my readers a bit better!

PS: oh yeah, we became a .com as in www.the3lsyndrome.com
That means we exist, right? with a new layout

The 3L Syndrome continues..also literally, since we will be 3 soon enough! 
Thanks for reading!


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