A mi me gusta España

The food


Fresh Sepia and gambas a la plancha
Paella Valenciana
Pan con tomate
Tinto de Verano
Paella Mariscos
 The City

The loudness of the Spanish on a Saturday afternoon

Albufeira, a fishervillage with the best paella

The beautiful oranges

All apartments have a swimming pool

The beautiful lighting in the evening

The old signs

The Architecture
 Thanks baby for a wonderful weekend!


Travel Thursday!

Things I am happy about this week!
The Travel Edition
My citytrip to Valencia
This will be my 3rd citytrip to Valencia, but I just love this city!
Here are some must-visit tips:

Tested & tried!

  • Eat a romantic dinner at Restaurante La Lola (Flamenco restaurant)
  • Eat a gastronomic dinner at Restaurante Entrevins (French-Spanish very njammie food)
  • Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, Valencia: great to walk around
  • Wander through the city with its wonderful old buildings
  • Good shopping
  • Enjoy the sun!
  • Eat tapas and drink tinto de verano 
  • Visit the Mercado central: worth a visit (only in the morning)
Soon to be tested & tried!
  • The bar of the luxurious Westin Hotel
  • Go walk by the sea (or even swim!)
  • Go eat tortilla's at Flash Flash, apparently the best tortilla bar in town


During the work week, making good food and cooking together is a must I think!
It is nice to cook together and talk about the day and sip some wine.
Here are our creations of the last 2 days:

Red Salsa to go with the lemon & spices chips as a nice apéro
tomatoes-green lemon juice-garlic-parsley-red pepper-coriander-sweet onion-pepper-salt

Linguine al Vongole
Clams-loooots of garlic-sweet onion-parsley-linguine-red pepper

Fish cakes with Libanese Taboulet and red salsa for dipping
Fishcakes: Cook potatoes and white fish in milk until soft / make a mash out of it / add bacon & spring onion & sweet onion / cover with flour-egg-breadcrums and bake (Inspired by Jeroen meus)

Serve with red salsa  (see above) and Libanese Taboulet (taboulet-parsely-onion-spring onion-mint-olive oil-lemon juice-pepper-salt)

Bon Appetit!

HAPPY FRIDAY - episode3

 Hello you guys!
It's Friday again!
A lot of things to be happy about this week!
  1. The week I became the Macarons Queen!
yellow macarons with a raspberry ganache - white chocolat / praliné and dark chocolat filling

2. My sweet Valentine...

3. The books I ordered arrived! Travel, shopping and fashion
Time for some research on New York!!!

4. Muffin time for my mom's cheese and wine party: baking mayham in the kitchen

Apple-courgette muffins and cappuccino-chocolat cupcakes
5. The trip to Rome I booked with Laura

La Dolce Vita

On the road to Retail redemption, and pecan pie to compensate the loss that goes with that…

This is the first day of my new no-compulsive shopping life. It has gone one bridge too far since I discovered internet shopping and the joys of Paypall. So I decided to stop the mayham shopping.
Also because recently my boyfriend moved in, and half of my dressing space is now filled with suits and sweaters.
I’m starting to feel more and more like ‘a rebel “without” a cause. My dressing is stuffed with clothes and shoes I have never even worn and on top of that with things I didn’t even know I have, and still I do not manage to get the perfect outfit together.
The fact that I am turning 30 this years has something to do with it too: I need to find out what my style is or which style I would like to have or suits me.
The book I just started reading does not really help me with that problem. In “The Shopping Diet” by Philip Bloch (stylist of the stars) the author points out that in order to heal you have to find out which style you belong too (it’s like choosing a diet that work for you), but there the troubles begin:
Am I
  • ·         The Classic? (like Kate Winslet or Sandra Bullock) Rarely, oh well
  • ·         The Icon ?(like Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly) sometimes when I feel the princess in me
  • ·     The Trend Addict ?(like Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie) When I am on a shopping high
  • ·         The Sex Symbol ?(like Beyonce or JLo) When I try to feel good about my overblessed ass
  • ·         The rebel with a cause? (like Angelina Jolie or Sharon Stone) This one I don’t really know...
  • ·         The urban eclectic ?(like The Olsens or Nathalie Portman) Yes, I can see what you mean, but…
  • ·         The rock and roll chick? (like Pink or Fergie) I can do skinny jeans and leather jacket yess
  • ·         The Hippie Prinsess? (like Sienna Miller or Kate Hudson) This could work for me
Am I all these women wrapped into 1 overflowing closet???
Well, let’s have some pecan pie and browse the internet…
Enough therapy for one day 
Recipe Pecan Pie (by Nigella's Christmas Kitchen) Supadupa Sugar Shock!
* 1 round pie dough (ready made)
* 150 gr golden syrup
* 100 gr soft butter
* 200 gr light brown caster sugar
* 1 teaspoon vanilla aroma
* 350 gr pecans and mixed nuts
* 3 eggs
Let the sugar, syrup and butter melt in a pan.
Put in the 3 eggs and stir until it looks like caramel
Put the nuts in the baking tin with dough
Sprinkle over the sugar/syrup/butter bomb
40 min 180°C


Mission Macarons: accomplished!

Macarons sur batons
Yesterday at 22h37, I thought...hmmm I'm gonna give it another shot! And this time victory will be mine!!!!! Pink didn't work - blue didn't work, so maybe green will work for me. No weird things with egg white this time- just breaking the eggs - whip it and baf... together with the almond-confectioners' sugar mélange - coloring - fold it 50 times until it shines - wait for 30 minutes for it to crust and then 15 minutes on 150°C! Hup...Purrrrfect!
Very proud of myself today! :-) -->Macarons sur batons. Aren't they pretty?

Recipe for 30 macarons shells

  • 100gr almond powder (strained)
  • 180€ confectioners' sugar (strained)
  • 3 egg whites
  • 2 drops yellow coloring / 2 drops blue coloring
  • 2 teaspoons of white sugar

HAPPY FRIDAY - episode2

 Wow... It's Friday again! I've been sick this week, so I'm very much looking forward to the weekend!!
Here is what I'm happy about this week!
This is a collection of the things I bought and the things I discovered this week and which made me happy!
My first spring outfit of the year 2011: Marine style with a matching 'hello Saylor' chain :)
All from www.asos.com
On this 'vendredi pourri' we all need some sunshine, hence the yellow trousers I got from www.asos.com

I discovered these really fun tea cups on hetparadijs.net called 'naked girls tea set' created by Esther Horchne. I wanna buy!!!!
& last but not least 2 websites I found and like very much!!

www.pinterest.com is a website where people catalogue the things they like. You can find lots of cool things on this & a lot of good ideas in all areas


The most stylish, fluffy and romantic website!

That was all Folks!
Have a great weekend!

Pre-Valentine Delights

I wish I could create a dessert table for two like this one on
But I created my own Valentine cupcakes

Plain Vanilla Cupcakes
125 gr butter
115 gr sugar
1 bag of vanilla sugar
2 eggs
Pinch of salt
125 self rising flower
teaspoon of vanilla extract
22 minutes / 160°C