During the work week, making good food and cooking together is a must I think!
It is nice to cook together and talk about the day and sip some wine.
Here are our creations of the last 2 days:

Red Salsa to go with the lemon & spices chips as a nice apéro
tomatoes-green lemon juice-garlic-parsley-red pepper-coriander-sweet onion-pepper-salt

Linguine al Vongole
Clams-loooots of garlic-sweet onion-parsley-linguine-red pepper

Fish cakes with Libanese Taboulet and red salsa for dipping
Fishcakes: Cook potatoes and white fish in milk until soft / make a mash out of it / add bacon & spring onion & sweet onion / cover with flour-egg-breadcrums and bake (Inspired by Jeroen meus)

Serve with red salsa  (see above) and Libanese Taboulet (taboulet-parsely-onion-spring onion-mint-olive oil-lemon juice-pepper-salt)

Bon Appetit!

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