HAPPY FRIDAY - episode2

 Wow... It's Friday again! I've been sick this week, so I'm very much looking forward to the weekend!!
Here is what I'm happy about this week!
This is a collection of the things I bought and the things I discovered this week and which made me happy!
My first spring outfit of the year 2011: Marine style with a matching 'hello Saylor' chain :)
All from www.asos.com
On this 'vendredi pourri' we all need some sunshine, hence the yellow trousers I got from www.asos.com

I discovered these really fun tea cups on hetparadijs.net called 'naked girls tea set' created by Esther Horchne. I wanna buy!!!!
& last but not least 2 websites I found and like very much!!

www.pinterest.com is a website where people catalogue the things they like. You can find lots of cool things on this & a lot of good ideas in all areas


The most stylish, fluffy and romantic website!

That was all Folks!
Have a great weekend!

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