The godmothers go to...Disney!

Last Tuesday evening 3 girls went on a roadtrip to Disneyland Paris. Olivia's godmother gifted us tickets for the holidays last year, but we waited for springtime to go. So after a 3 hour drive we checked into our hotel, and after a good hour of jumping on the beds, we finally got the kid down for the night, excited for the day to come. We woke up under a blue sky and we made our way to the park. Even at first sight, it makes you feel happy. It's a completely different world you enter - a real wonderland, away from reality. 
After 1 minute, the girl already had minnie ears on her head, after 2 minutes, we spotted Minnie in her spring dress. The day was perfect already for our little girl.  She was shy, as if she had seen her idol for the first time. She did not want to go on the picture with her, though. ( Lucky us, as there was already a queue). We had a very good time, the 3 of us, spending some quality time. Olivia liked 'It's a small world after all' the most I think. 
I think it must be very impressive for such a small kiddieboo. 
Me I liked the Main Street and the far far west village, which represented everything I love about the US.  Before we left we saw Goofie's Spring Parade, which was a perfect ending to our day.
Thank you, Metie Jana, for a fun day!

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