Dinner parties. All. Weekend.

At L&W&J (Brussels)
Lovely evening with the most beautiful sunset
Prosecco cocktail with lemon, rum, simple syrup, mint, angostura
Panko Fried Shrimp
Fish Lasagna (With Spinach & Fennel)
Grilled pineapple with champagne sabayon & vanilla icecream

At K&C (Hometown)
good evening with a bunch of friends, a dog and a diva (petti)
Canaletto (prosecco, framboos, sugar)
Verinne with avocado & crab
Fennel soup appetizer with chorizo
Risotto of endives & smoked salmon
Marinated ribs with stuffed potatoes and coleslaw
Chocolat mousse cake

 Thank you, my friends for inviting us over this weekend!

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