The wedding where she got her groove on.

Last weekend we went to the UK wedding celebration of our friends Rob & Jennie, who got married officially in Melbourne last month and organised a party for their European friends in London. We were happy to be a part of this great event & wish them the happiest life together! Olivia was so pretty in her giraffe dress ( Me too I had a giraffe blouse :) of course) and she stole the hearts of many people, the little cutiepie. When it was time to dance, a very sweet girl took our daughter with her to the dance floor & all of a sudden this little girl turned into the star of the night, dancing the night away - learning new moves and teaching her dance routines to the other girls - spice girls, beyonce, you name it and she danced to it. It was so fun watching her try out new things and expressing herself in a whole new way. This girl is gonna be a party girl, I can tell you that already!
Thank you again for inviting us, Rob & Jennie! 
We had a wonderful day!

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