M.A.S. (Museum And Sun)

Last Sunday we went to discover another side of the city of Antwerp, a city that we both appreciate.
We chose to discover the Northern Side of the city, because recently a lot of changes have been made to make it a cool area again.
At the new 'Park Spoor Noord' there was a cosy flea market that led us straight to the cool summer bar 'Cargo', complete with beach chairs, water, and children everywhere splashing in the water.

Then we went to the M.A.S., the new 'Museum aan de Stroom'. I was intrigued by the building and wanted to explore it from the inside, so we went the nine floors up the escalator with the baby stroller, but the climb was worth the panoramic view. 

After a drink and a baby bottle we went to walk by the 'Kaaien' and walked by Strantwerpen, the urban beach area with a real surfy feel to it. 

Perfect Sunday Afternoon.


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