Food Lately at our house

Food lately at our home
1. Berries coulis
 2. Bavarois of raspberries, homemade by my man
 3. A piece of cake
 4. Summer vegetables oven dish - very healthy
 5. Home made spring rolls with coriander, shrimps, lettuce and glass noodles
 6. Quiche with courgette, mushrooms, salmon, sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese
 7. Barbecued ribs with BBQ mushroom filled with cream cheese and home grown peppers 'padron', served with carrot mash
 8. Perfect clams
 9. With linguine, garlic, white wine, dried chilly, cherry tomatoes and parsley
10. And the yummie result
 10. Pork Tenderloin filled with mushrooms, mozzarella and rucola pesto
 11. All tied up
 12. Blackberries
 13. Preparations for blackberry Mojito

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