My entrepreneurial girlfriends

I wanted to tell you about two friends of mine.
They did at a very young age what a lot of people dream to do, they quitted their day job and started their own business, which means spending your day doing what you like to do.Sounds like a dream, no? And I want to congratulate them for doing that and also make a bit of hidden publicity for two of my good girliefriends!

Fabulous Facts
Name: Laura
 Business: Choosy Juicebar
Since: 2006
Mission: Laura is all about healthy food that is good for the mind. Choosy is The place for fresh delicious juices and healthy food and yummy desserts! How can you snack smart? Be Choosy!

So, if you are ever in the neighbourhood of Brussels, go and get a vitamine shot at Laura's!

Fabulous Facts

Name: Annelies
Business: Sookie
Since: 2011
Mission: As her passion is designing, she figures that the most beautiful subjects to design for are those that will be remembered as the happiest moments in one's life, birth and marriage. 
Tired of cute teddy bears and frilly lace? Looking for a hip, creative and different birth announcement or wedding invitation? Find your no-nonsense card at SOOKIE!

''The ultimate goal is to just keep enjoying what you do, whatever that means, wherever it takes you''
"Very big, amazing things wait for us in all areas of life if we are brave enough reach out for them."

"At the end of day, if you have accomplished something great, then you know it. You are not looking for that validation from upper management."

"Life is too short to settle for a mediocre job you’re only ho-hum about. When you start down a creative, entrepreneurial path, the sky is the limit!"

"The opportunities we discover and challenges we face are because of decisions we make. Feeling ownership over what you do is liberating."

"Knowing that You can make a life for yourself with something that you create from beginning to end with your own two hands is pretty amazing."

Garden Love: Number 3

This weekend we have eaten meals from our garden!
Green Peas Soup with Laurents home made quiche with baby spinach from our garden and home grown salad

And my baby made bread from scratch with sun flower seeds and poppy seeds
I hear you coming: Lisa, and what did you do while your man was working so hard in the kitchen?
I? I worked in the garden hihi
We have some newcomers in the garden, since we've used all of the spinach and some of the salad, we have some space left. We have tooo much salad. Salad, anyone?
 Newcomer 1:the pink 'bottekes'
Sexy, right?
Newcomer 2: The Pumpkin. 
Halloween Preparations in action
Newcomer 3: The Tomato
My grandfather planted these to surprise me
Newcomer 4: The Wild Strawberry
Also a donation :)
I replanted some rucola and some onions on the empty spaces.
Second round!


Turning 30 is not so bad...
Well, I have been 30 for a month and 20 days now, and I can cope with it enough now, so it was time for a party / House warming. We invited 30 people for my 30 years. I am really happy that everybody came and made the afternoon a real success! Here are some pictures of the food and decoration.

Home made Strawberry cake with pink home made macarons on the side.
Vanilla muffins with merengue-butter-strawberry frosting

 For drinks we had white Sangria and Red Sangria
(and cava) (and Watermelon/Wild Strawberry vodka cocktails)

My man making homemade paella with chicken/squid/scampi/chorizo and much amor

And we got a lot of presents! Thank you Everybody!!!

Summer BBQ Nights

Since we have bought our BBQ, we are unstoppable! My man is a real BBQ-Master! And I am a happy Eater!

Quelle braise!
We are happy to be in our garden every evening enjoying the weather.

Happy Summer Nights!

In Bruges