2 diva's in the city: Food, Friends & Fun (Part 2)

Day 2

Brunch at Mia Market: njammie healthy food

    Vist to Villa Borghese to see 'David'


    Drinks and modern art at Open Colonna

    Apero at Trastevere Area

     Best Carbonara in town at Perilli

    Evening walk at the Spanish Steps

    2 diva's in the city: Food, Friends & Fun

    Lunch with Mozzarella, shopping in the sun, and on the back seat of a vespa with a hot Italian (not me, baby, only Laura): Does life get any better?

    • Eyes like Sophia Loren
      • Foundation on the eyelids / Curl your lashes
      • Draw a thin line - as close as you can to the lashborder
      • Make it go up at the outer end of your eye
      • Apply Mascara (like in lots and lots of mascara)

    • Watch movies
      • Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts
      • The Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn
      • Una Giornata Particolare with Sophia Loren
    • Pack the right outfit 

    • Have breakfast on a sunny terrace
    • Visit the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel
    • Lunch at Obika (famous for its Mozarella)
    •  Take a walking tour around ancient Rome 
      • Pantheon
      • Palatino
      • Collosseum
      • Roman Forum
      • Piazza del Campidoglio 
      • ICECREAM - GELATO/ Apparently the best ice cream is to be found at Fata Morgana (Piazzi Crati)
    • Expo Karl Lagerfeld 

    • Dinner at ReD, a modern trendy resto by the auditorium
    • Dinner at Santa Lucia at Piazza Navona (seen In eat Pray Love)
    • ICE CREAM at Mira gelato
    • Visit the Trevi fountain at midnight (less crowds)

    HAPPY FRIDAY - episode5

    The week meal plan edition

    Salmon Tartare with spring onion and dille
    with a little tomato rucola salad on top

    British home made Fish 'n chips with green peas

    Thai beef noodle soup with lots of veggies

    Grilled summer veggies (marinated red onion, courgette, red paprika, green paprika, spring onions and tomatoes) with grilled chicken and a light mustard sauce

    Travel Thursday!

    The 'What to pack' edition


    So that's what we gonna do!
    Stay tuned for the next 'Travel Thursday' with more on Rome!

    • Walks
    • Hotspots
    • Shopping
    • Eating
    • Art



    Roma par miss Z utilisant silk dresses

    Bow Wow Wow Who are you??

    Hello dear readers,
    When I look at my stats, I see a lot of nationalities coming up, but I don't know who you are or which blogs you are writing. I would like to get to know you guys! So please contact me, so I can say thank you for reading my blog!

    I love bows. I really love bows. :)
    I used to not like them. But now I do...

    Yellow and blue stripes

    Travel Thursday!

    This is my travel map!

    Turns out: I've have been to 133 places in 34 countries. Only when I see this, I realise fully that I have already seen some magnificent places on this world. And how lucky I am to be able to this, but on the other hand it is a matter of priorities. I have this scratch card from Urban Outfitters, where you can scratch where you have already been! Very cool!!!!
    For the moment I am planning my next citytrip to Rome!
    Whenever I am planning a citytrip I always check out 
    The one and only source into the scandalous life of hotspots

    Of course without these 2 you're nothing either, but nowadays I find that on travelblogs you find a lot of interesting things off the beaten track and the guides stay behind a bit. Which is a good thing, since otherwise everything would be overwhelmed by tourists.

    I found some cute DIY projects to do if you are bitten by the travelbug and want to get the travel feel in your home.

    Because postcards, matchbooks, and coins tell the stories of our travels, but back home these trinkets tend to get lost in a junk drawer. Instead, give vacation souvenirs--as well as snapshots--a more fitting home with this project.This is a fun DIY project that I'm planning to do during a rainy night! This is also nice to visualise all the fun places you have been together.

    (found on: http://lifeblessons.blogspot.com)
    It is a fun visual reminder for the trips you took together

    And last but not least, I want this in my future dining room

    M(acarons)&M(uffins) with L(isa),L(aurent), and L(aura)

    This weekend we had a big baking afternoon with one of my girfriends.
    We baked all afternoon and it was a very lovely easy sunday afternoon.

    My sweet man made apple muffins with a heart of speculaas pasta and a crumble of speculaas cookies on top
    We also made 3 batches of macarons hmmmm...
    Purple macarons covered with violet sprinkles and a pure chocolat ganache inside
    Pink Flamingo macarons with rose aromatic sprinkles in the cracks

    Heavenly white macarons with a strawberry filling with strawberry mash, balsamico vinegar, white chocolate, cream, sugar
    recipe for 30 macarons
    100 gr almond powder
    120 gr glazing sugar
    3 egg whites
    and the filling you choose yourselves