M(acarons)&M(uffins) with L(isa),L(aurent), and L(aura)

This weekend we had a big baking afternoon with one of my girfriends.
We baked all afternoon and it was a very lovely easy sunday afternoon.

My sweet man made apple muffins with a heart of speculaas pasta and a crumble of speculaas cookies on top
We also made 3 batches of macarons hmmmm...
Purple macarons covered with violet sprinkles and a pure chocolat ganache inside
Pink Flamingo macarons with rose aromatic sprinkles in the cracks

Heavenly white macarons with a strawberry filling with strawberry mash, balsamico vinegar, white chocolate, cream, sugar
recipe for 30 macarons
100 gr almond powder
120 gr glazing sugar
3 egg whites
and the filling you choose yourselves

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