Travel Thursday!

This is my travel map!

Turns out: I've have been to 133 places in 34 countries. Only when I see this, I realise fully that I have already seen some magnificent places on this world. And how lucky I am to be able to this, but on the other hand it is a matter of priorities. I have this scratch card from Urban Outfitters, where you can scratch where you have already been! Very cool!!!!
For the moment I am planning my next citytrip to Rome!
Whenever I am planning a citytrip I always check out 
The one and only source into the scandalous life of hotspots

Of course without these 2 you're nothing either, but nowadays I find that on travelblogs you find a lot of interesting things off the beaten track and the guides stay behind a bit. Which is a good thing, since otherwise everything would be overwhelmed by tourists.

I found some cute DIY projects to do if you are bitten by the travelbug and want to get the travel feel in your home.

Because postcards, matchbooks, and coins tell the stories of our travels, but back home these trinkets tend to get lost in a junk drawer. Instead, give vacation souvenirs--as well as snapshots--a more fitting home with this project.This is a fun DIY project that I'm planning to do during a rainy night! This is also nice to visualise all the fun places you have been together.

(found on:
It is a fun visual reminder for the trips you took together

And last but not least, I want this in my future dining room

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