Bow Wow Wow Who are you??

Hello dear readers,
When I look at my stats, I see a lot of nationalities coming up, but I don't know who you are or which blogs you are writing. I would like to get to know you guys! So please contact me, so I can say thank you for reading my blog!

I love bows. I really love bows. :)
I used to not like them. But now I do...


  1. I love your blog! Its so fun and colorful. Do you live in France? I am a teacher in South Korea but I am moving to London in June. So excited!!! Please check out my blog if you have a chance.

    I write about my weightloss, travel, and experiences over seas!

  2. Hey Shaina,

    Thank you for your comments! It's always nice to hear from readers! I checked out your blog and it's really interesting! I wish you a lot of success with your work out program and with living in London. It is such a cool city! DId you check out my post about London! I don't live in France, but in Belgium, but boyfriend is french!
    Many greetz,