Knit 'n Burn

Knitting is fun, fashionable, fancy, fabulous and very relaxing!
I started knitting end of 2010 (learned it on and in the beginning it worked very addictive. I just wanted to be home and continue the work! It just gives you a good feeling of creating. I knitted 3 scarves and some headbands this winter and I still have a big unfinished pullover waiting for me. But maybe that was a bit too ambitious for a debutant like me and probably it will be finished in 2015! I'm thinking of starting up a 'Knit 'n Bitch' club for next winter: a get-together for girls wanting to gossip, drink wine, and of course knit! :-)
  I love these headbands with the big bows! L's mom made me one in baby pink!
home made by L.'s mom

Made by Colette

Made by me

Made by L.'s mom

Unfinished project


Watch out or I'll cupcake you!!

A cupcake is a person who... 
...from outward appearance you would assume they are tough, but on the inside they are soft.
...can be very sweet. the perfect size, just the right amount of everything. also cute yet delicious.
...people are always in the mood to hang out with them, just like people are always in the mood to have cupcakes.
...people never get sick of. 

Cupcakin' it
...Spending time with or going on a date with your significant other/spouse.
...Eating a cupcake that tastes so good it's like an orgasm.
Aren't they cupcakes? (made during a workshop at Tita Tovertaart, Leuven)


The Humming Birds collection

Guilty Pleasures: paper goods and desserts - and preferably a combination of them

I have a terrible addiction to paper goods- I buy little notebooks almost every month. This had the -rather incovenient- desadvantage that I have now at least 6 little notebooks in my purse, which is stupid. But I do love them. My latest treasures are these cute little books that I bought at
They really inspire me because now i have the perfect book to put my ideas in :-)
Food Journal-Shopping Lists-Brilliant Ideas-Travel Log
Another paper good that I just love is the Moleskine recipe book: It is a Must have for all foodies. We even include pictures of the dishes we make!

It has all the useful things that are mentioned in a real cook book: Appetizers /first courses/main courses/side dishes/desserts/cocktails. And also includes fun stuff like cooking process / wine pairings / rating / servings / difficulty 

    And last I wanted to share my 2011 Agenda of Mark's (
    I Like!

    Have a happy day! Liesilisa

    Muffin Muffin on the wall - One day I'm gonna be a big Lasagna

    Last Friday, my parents came to dinner. My family and I are very big pasta lovers, but it is not easy to stay original. My mom wanted something that was not too heavy. So I thought Why not make a Muffin Dinner! (Okay, Okay, muffins are heavy)
    Here is my menu:

    • Crispy fresh salad
    • 3 Lasagna Muffins (1 Tip: use won ton wrappers instead of lasagna sheets)
    • 1 Mac'n cheese muffin with a paper wrapper (exagerate the seasoning)
    • Brown sugar & maple sirup muffins as dessert


    One of the first gifts my boyfriend gave me was a box of La Duree. It was also my first encounter with this fabulous cookies. The ones with the flavour of roses is my favourite. A few months ago we got the excellent and rather ambitious idea to be better than La Duree and to make them ourselves. I must say: We had beginner's luck. Our first cookies were so good, as you can see for yourselves: (And at this point this is very frustrating :-) )

    From then on our macaroon adventure went down the hill. The big problem is that there is not 1 recipe in this world that is exactly the same! 100 gr almond powder for 200 gr powder sugar or maybe 200gr almond powder for 100gr powder sugar or was it 50 gr of almond. Same problem with the egg whites: 1, 2, or 3? Leave them in the fridge for 25 days or just take them on room temperature? La duree, Pierre Herme, Piet Huysentruit, Help us! Please! :-)
    These are my creations of today: I tried a recipe of another blogster:
    This worked rather okay, My only problem was that the cookies started cracking already after 5 minutes, so I guess the temperature ON my oven is not the temperature OF the oven. So maybe it is time to get a temperature meter for my oven. Grrr... Evenso, I think if you have the right temperature in the oven, that this recipe is the one that works! Thanks Evelien!

    Lisa's Park -Forever 29-Birthday 2010

    For my b-day last year I wanted to do a park picknick with my friends with some light healthy snacks!
    First there was rain, but it turned out to be a great day with lots of sun, frisbee, and water sports!
    Especially the zucchini-apple muffins were a big hit!
    Contact me for the recipe!

    Spring Picknick on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

    When the holidays are over I'm already looking forward to spring: I love it when everything begins to turn green again and the sun is starting to come out again and the dark days are over again! Sunday picknics are my favourite!

    Romantic tête à tête

    Sometimes on a Friday night, you just need some romance.
    Luckily I have a man that understand that the love of a woman goes through the stomach :-)

    :-) Appetizer: Foie Gras baked with figues
    :-) Entree: Lemon Quinoa with langoustines
    :-) Grilled bambi with airelles and baby vegetables

    Halloween Dinner BOOH

    I know this isn't exactly the time of year to post things about Halloween, but since I only started this week with this blog, I don't wanna forget the things we have already made and I really want to share them with you guys! We had a lot of fun carving out the pumpkins!

    :-) Appetizer: Foie gras with homemade pumpkin bread
    :-) Soup: Pumpkin Soup served in a pumpkin
    :-) Turkey with wild mushrooms with little mashed potatoes ghosts!
    :-) Halloween Muffins