Knit 'n Burn

Knitting is fun, fashionable, fancy, fabulous and very relaxing!
I started knitting end of 2010 (learned it on and in the beginning it worked very addictive. I just wanted to be home and continue the work! It just gives you a good feeling of creating. I knitted 3 scarves and some headbands this winter and I still have a big unfinished pullover waiting for me. But maybe that was a bit too ambitious for a debutant like me and probably it will be finished in 2015! I'm thinking of starting up a 'Knit 'n Bitch' club for next winter: a get-together for girls wanting to gossip, drink wine, and of course knit! :-)
  I love these headbands with the big bows! L's mom made me one in baby pink!
home made by L.'s mom

Made by Colette

Made by me

Made by L.'s mom

Unfinished project


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