Guilty Pleasures: paper goods and desserts - and preferably a combination of them

I have a terrible addiction to paper goods- I buy little notebooks almost every month. This had the -rather incovenient- desadvantage that I have now at least 6 little notebooks in my purse, which is stupid. But I do love them. My latest treasures are these cute little books that I bought at
They really inspire me because now i have the perfect book to put my ideas in :-)
Food Journal-Shopping Lists-Brilliant Ideas-Travel Log
Another paper good that I just love is the Moleskine recipe book: It is a Must have for all foodies. We even include pictures of the dishes we make!

It has all the useful things that are mentioned in a real cook book: Appetizers /first courses/main courses/side dishes/desserts/cocktails. And also includes fun stuff like cooking process / wine pairings / rating / servings / difficulty 

    And last I wanted to share my 2011 Agenda of Mark's (
    I Like!

    Have a happy day! Liesilisa

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