The Saturday Food Files : The Green Menu

When the weather man said that it would be a sunny and (relatively) warm weekend, I thought "greens". For this dinner party I need a lot of greens. I was thinking zucchini, broccolini, avocado, asparagus,...So I came up with this menu starting with a 'Hugo' (sparkling wine, elderflower, mint, lime). For the appetizer we went for the beautiful cans of fish we bought on our last trip to Lisbon, we served it with sunflower bread that I discovered at our local baker, so good. 
Then we went on to the entree, one that I made earlier this week for lunch and that I liked so much that I pimped it up a little to serve as the starter of my Green Menu. A mini tortilla with bimi (long broccoli), zucchini, sesame seed & a spoon of pearl couscous topped with cottage cheese, cilantro and mashed avocado. We drank a light Portuguese Vinho Verde with it, it is a very light wine with a little sparkle in it. I often choose for an oven dish as a main, because you can spend most of your time with your guests at the table, since the main goal of the evening is to be together, no? This time I went for a green asparagus cannelloni, lasagna sheets filled with 2 or 3 green asparagus, parma ham, a goat cheese cream and then rolled into a cannelloni, covered with a olive oil & garlic based bechamel sauce. Beautiful and tasty.
Our friends brought a wonderful and rich lemon pie, the perfect end to this spring meal.

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