Date night at the pop-up

Last Saturday, the husband and I went on a dinnerdate at a pop up restaurant (The chef was our chef of our wedding) in a wine castle. We had a good evening, with nice company, and a forgotten phone and flat battery phone made for uninterrupted conversations, and plan making - just like in the old pre-smartphone era (you remember that?).Food was excellent, as expected, because our wedding food was also very good. The wines were good & original, with no-headache after (Also a new sensation) and the service was great!
I love datenights! And I love your company, my dear husband....

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  1. It was such an intimate moment and you could really feel the love and energy in the wedding venues Los Angeles. They had out sparkling water, wines, champagnes, etc. for all of us upon arrival, and provided dishes and serving utensils for the bagels and other snacks we brought.