Saturday Strolls & big city thoughts

Saturday we decided to go for a quick lunch and walk in Antwerp, still one of my favorite cities in Belgium. I remembered that my friend Anne told me about this Vietnamese street food bar she really liked, so we went to check it out. The food was perfect for our mood: light, inspired, original, full of fine flavors. Ooh, how I love Vietnamese food. We really should think about travelling to Vietnam in the near future. They also had the cutest hello kitty chop sticks for Olivia. Definitely an address to check, when you are in Antwerp. We walked through the city, strolling in and out of design shops, way too cool shops, way too expensive shops. Sometimes when you live in a small town, you forget the joys of the big city, the people watching, the vibe, the trends. But on the other hand, I'm happy to live in a small town, without the need of overspending every weekend, no queues in the supermarket and the bank, raising Olivia without the dangers of the big city and easy access to everything. The only thing I would love again is to have a wide choice of restaurants and food markets, but then again, I would probably cook less too. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Luckily we can enjoy both when we want and need too. That is a luxury in itself. After our Asian food, we promised Olivia to go for pancakes with chocolate and whipped cream, she was the happiest little girl!

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