Cooking at home with

If you follow along on my facebookpage, you know that I try to diversify our food as much as I possibly can. I don't like to cook the same things twice, so every week I look for new recipes and products to try. Now, I have been doing this for some years now and sometimes the inspiration is just not there. The other thing that bothers me is that I often have to buy big amounts of things that I will probably never use again, like spices or jars of special ingredients. But it is not because I run out of inspiration, that I have to give up giving my family good food and it is not because I don't like to waste that I have to stop making out-of-the-ordinary dinners. So this is where Foodbag comes in!
This week I partnered up with Foodbag and received a refrigerated box at home with all fresh ingredients packaged in the right amount to make 4 balanced and delicious meals for my family. 
The menu for this week was: 
Homemade cod skewers with rice and peas
(the skewers with zucchini, bell pepper and red onion in combination with the fish tasted so fresh & healthy)
Green waterzooi (chicken casserole) with leek, celery and water cress
(great comfort food on a rainy day - the watercress and a good splash of lemon juice gave the whole dish a new meaning. The kid's favorite!)
Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce (the meatballs were packed with flavour and the potatoes were so creamy! My favorite!)
Bami Goreng with a soft boiled egg (Asian food at its best and so easy to make. My husband's favorite)

What I also love about them, is that they even have a playlist on Spotify to make cooking even more pleasant. Cooking made easy with the easy-to follow-steps on the back of the recipe card and under 40 minutes! Perfect, no? 
I don't think it is more expensive than going to the supermarket and as a plus you don't waste anything and you eat healthy and fresh.
And you can order when you want, without a subscription. So when you have a busy week, or no inspiration, you can always order one and avoid greasy take-out nights.

This post is in partnership with, thank you for checking them out!