The Story of our Beautiful Wedding Day (part 2)

Here we go with part 2! (in case you missed it, here is part 1)
We wanted our wedding day to be genuine, intimate, full of love and most of all '3L Syndrome' like. And of course, it was not only the 2 of us getting married, it was us and our princess. So happy she was there with us to be a part of our day. I think it made it even more special.
And I think we have succeeded in our goal. We were incredibly lucky with the weather, since it was a winter wedding. It was dry, no wind, 10 degrees Celsius, a beautiful sunset - so we could proceed with plan A: The wedding ceremony under the beautiful tree at the venue. Decorated with lights, our 3L Syndrome signature board, hearts and stars, it was just perfect. No other words here, perfect. Our guests getting cozy and warm under blankets, the crisp night air and beautiful words from our witnesses and of course our vows. The music we had handpicked: La vie en rose (Louis Armstrong), Le plat pays (Jacques Brel), Love me tender (Elvis Presley), There is no greater love (Amy Winehouse) and Sway (Dean Martin) matched the ambiance perfectly. 
It was such a great moment and probably my favorite part of our wedding day.
All decoration and concept was done by ourselves because we wanted to make it as 'us' as possible. That meant a lot of work of course but in the end, it was totally worth it, because I know we would not have been happy at all with a wedding party where you only could choose the colour of the napkins. This was 100% us and how we like things.
The drinks for cocktail hour were created by Lolo's friend, for the food we talked a lot with the chef who is very passionate, because hey, food is important. For the wedding favors, we had agenda's (seemed appropriate for that time of the year) with a custom made band around it - Moleskine like. We had 3L pins for everyone. For once I could go totally crazy with my love for customized things. Yoohoo!
The venue was the one we had chosen 4 years ago (when we were planning this wedding for the first time and then the kid happened)
The ceremony was about us, no god, no pre-chewed sentences, just our story and our words. 60 guests - French and Belgian that got along so well. (I even discovered that my friends have a decent knowledge of French chansons, at least at 3 o'clock in the morning, that is).
All of that made it the most beautiful day. Thank you!

The party did not end when this blog ends (but what happened at The 3L Wedding, stays at The 3L Wedding)

Photography: Elodie Deceuninck - Venue: Heerlijckhyt van Elsmeren - Flowers: Kris Pappaert - Cocktail recipes: Xavier Herit of Wallflower NYC - Food: Passie voor eten - Wines: Patrick Jublou - Wedding dress: Rembo Styling - Makeup: Boetiek Decadence - Hair: Kapper Bex - Live music: Sunday Drive - Ceremony speaker: Joske Uyttebroeck - Wedding Cake: Vera Bottu - Invitation design: my friend Annelies Van Esch - Wedding favor band design: Beau Beekmans - pin buttons: Pin up - Set up of the venue: some frenchies that were hanging around (Thankyou) - Fire man: Kurt

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