A few days in Prague

A few hours after we came back from Morocco (see here, in case you missed my last post), we jumped back on the plane for a few days in the beautiful Prague. Lolo had never been here, and I over 12 years ago when studying, but it was time to come back again. The architecture is strikingly beautiful, we walked for miles and miles, had good food and despite the reputation, we only met friendly and helpful people. 
The first day we started off with a walk around the old centre, a porkbelly lunch, a flat white coffee (they have a good coffee culture), walked across the river on the Charles Bridge to the other part of town and we were back in time to catch the beautiful sunset over the river. Of course I had to try a Trdelnik -a rolled pastry with cinnamon.
After some rest at the hotel, we took an Uber to get to our restaurant Sansho,
Asian casual fine dining - they call it -we had a delicious 6-course tasting menu (the soft shell crab slider was the star for me) with 
cucumber and ginger cocktails and then we uber-ed back home.

The second day we started at a local farmers market, which was interesting because there was so much food you could eat on the spot - 
fresh soups, juices, quiches, pastries, ...
We sat down on a bench with a good coffee and watched the slow buzz of the market.
After we visited a Jewish cemetery with its thousands of crammed tombstones, we went to lunch at Cestr - with it carefully matured beef for steak! The kid was happy with their creamy mashed potatoes. In the afternoon we made our way to Prague Castle and wandered around there for a few hours. Another quick rest and off to dinner at Dish, the best burger bistro in town. Evenings are tricky to go to a restaurant with a 3 year old, so we try to keep it fast and easy. (well, mostly)
We went back to the Charles bridge to see it in its most romantic state, at night with the lights and all the surrounding building so beautifully lit. Perfect for young lovers and for lovers with a kid.
Perfect ending to our getaway to Bohemia!

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