The dinner of the 3rd

Saturday evening we hosted a little dinner party for a family of 3 and our family of 3. 
On the 3rd of October.
Everything is 3 in my world. Or maybe I create it. Whatever.
Sometimes dinner menus are just waiting to be created.
I think this one was one of them, because it contained everything I like, although food pairing professionals would probably not approve.
It doesn't matter.
Warm cheese - good bread - pimientos de padron - olives - duck - watercress - radicchio - nuts - apple - veal - dried ham - mozzarella - pesto - sundried tomatoes - pasta - cream - eggs - sugar - fresh vanilla from La Réunion.

Menu 03.10 (there is the 3 again)
Focaccia and warm camembert
Duck and a fall salad
Rolled veal & pasta al pomodoro
Crème brûlée

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