Mommy & Daughter getaway (by the Sea)

I had been thinking about this mommy and daughter getaway for a while now, and with the hubbie out of town, it seemed like the perfect moment. When I talked about my seaside plan to the people at the Zon &Zee Strandhotel in Westende, they were kind enough to invite us to come and spend some days at the beach. Olivia was immediately excited to go to the beach and started packing her bucket and shovel. After our little road trip with a lot of singing in the car, we got the key to our RM suite apartment (the suites are styled by Riviera Maison) and settled in. It is always easier and more comfortable to stay at an apartment with a young kid, where you have space to play and a little kitchen to prepare some food, because you just cannot stay out in the October sun all day without getting too chilly. So we were very happy with our comfy and beautiful apartment to come back to after a walk at the beach. We played on the beach playground, walked by the waterline, looked at all the doggies on the beach (Olivia's favourite thing to do), went to dinner together, we stayed up late way past her bedtime and had breakfast on the beach the next morning.
 I think we should make 'the mommy and daughter getaway' a tradition forever!
Thanks again to the lovely people at Zon & Zee Strandhotel for having us!


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