Cefalu- the village named after a rock that was named after a hat

 Making daytrips in Sicily is not easy, let me tell you. There are almost no real highways and if there are, every 2 exits are closed and you have to make a detour of 30 km through the mountains to get back on. When we decided to go to Cefalu, we thought it would be a 1,5 hour trip, but it turned out to be a 3 hour one, with lots of construction works, detours, unexpected delays. When we finally arrived, the first sight of Cefaly was a pretty one, beautiful beach, lots of charm, beautiful alleys and hidden patios. We had a nice lunch by the sea, walked around the old town and of course made a stop at the gelateria, before making the 3 hour trip home again and running straight to the swimming pool.
and PS: Speedo swimwear is still very hot in Italy.

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