Off the beaten track beach

Beaches with gelaterias, parasols, and too many people have never been my thing. So when we decided to go to the beach one day, we chose a beach at a national park here in Sicily. Going to a secluded beach, mostly means getting off the beaten track and we're in for some adventure. This time was not different. After taking some small roads, the gps lead us off road, onto a dirt road, or not existing road for kilometers. Almost when we were ready to give up and make our way back (which would have been a problem, seen the narrow road) we final arrived at a sign. We parked the car, and walked another 10 minutes through vegetation in the direction of the sea. Finally we arrived at this beautiful beach. 
There was nobody (okay, there were 3 people, but ignore this).
It was perfect. Olivia had a great afternoon building sand castles with her daddy, playing in the water.
Note to Lolo: you know me by now (every holiday same story) get a 4x4 rental! :)

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