on Bouncy Castles and Doll Houses

Our Sunday activity this weekend was '4Kids2Play' - a local initiatif in our town for kids to come and play on a cold Sunday with bouncy castles, bikes and all sorts of fun stuff. After being stuck inside for most of the week with her sick mother, the kid needed a break. We took her godmother with us and off we went. The funny thing was that after some jumping on the bouncy castles, she always went back to the doll houses and the trains - things she has at home too. We asked her 20 times if she would not rather play on the other attractions because we don't have them at home, but NO was the answer every time. This kid of mine... I love her to pieces, but she has a mind of her own.
Oh yes, and she insisted on putting on some lipstick, I don't know who she was trying to impress.
Thanks Jana to go 24 times down the slide with her :)