Crazy doodle

Olivia is a child of her time and of course obsessed with the Ipad. She always asks to watch Maya (of course) and then she watches it for like 2 seconds and then she switches to one of the video's on the right bar on youtube, you know what I mean. Now I want to tell you something about the kind of video's that appear there. They are CRAZY, the world we live in is crazy and my kid is loving it.
I would like to share some examples with you, my dear readers. One of her favourites is a woman (you can only see her painted nails) who opens 20 surprise eggs (Kinder surprise) one by one and then shows the little surprise toy inside the egg. The video takes about 1 hour; 60 minutes of total chocolate delight and intelligent comments on the toys. Pure joy. How on earth do you get the idea to go to the supermarket and buy 20 surprise eggs and decide to film yourself opening them? Or the more important question 'who watches that?' Well, 122 million page views cannot be wrong, can they? And if you know that for every million views, you get 1000€, this girl must be a genius then. What a return on investment. Why did I not think of that?
Or the woman who decided to be filmed while she blows up balloons for 7 hours?
42 million page views, she had to work a little harder for her money.
And today she discovered a new one, a guy who bought 40 hello kitty chocolates and then cuts them in two and eats them.
17 million page views.
That and Maya the Bee in every possible language, make my daughter a very happy girl.
Well, I know what I am gonna do tomorrow.
Have a happy weekend!