Give a book, take a book

Wednesday afternoon we took a walk to the park to donate a book to the 'twietotheek', a wooden bird house that houses a - give a book, take a book- library. I think it is such a nice idea, I had already seen it on my travels, and thanks to this sort of library, you don't spend a lot of money on books and you only have to carry one book with you at a time (when travelling). When I heard they brought the concept to our hometown as a part of the new #parklife initiative, we had to go and support it. I would even suggest to take it a step further (which we did) by putting a nice note in the book (and a drawing from my daughter for the new owner. So in a way, I hope that people will follow my lead by adding a nice note to the future owner of the book (I did not invent this, I read about a whole movement that is doing this with books in real libraries - and by this, the book is creating a whole new story along with its readers and I like that thought)
A little kindness is what the world needs.