Finding Vivian Maier

I already read about this woman a while ago, and her story quite intrigued me, so when my friend Anne told there was an expo with her photos in Gent, we just had to go. She was the first real (woman)photographer of street style and I love her eye for reality and what she is able to capture in her photos. I really enjoyed the expo (I just wish there were more pictures shown) and it was also in a very nice location.

" Vivian Maier worked all her life as a children’s nanny. In her spare time she would go into the city armed with her camera. Between 1950 and 1990 she took thousands of street photographs, mostly in black and white, later also in colour. The results of these ‘expeditions’ are diverse, but portraits of children, vagrants and the black community in Chicago and New York in the 1950s and 1960s predominate.It was only after her death at the age of 83, that her photographic work was discovered by the realtor John Maloof. He was looking for historic photos of a neighbourhood in Chicago and came across a lot of undeveloped films and negatives at an auction. Only when he was developing them did he realise the great talent he was dealing with."