Date night at The Cinema

Thursday night my sweet man & I went to the cinema on a date. I don't like these big movie 'experience' theatres, so I was happy when I read an old 1 movie theatre had opened up again in the village next to ours, and when I got an email that 'Boyhood' was being shown there, it was the perfect opportunity for us to check it out. I love the vintage outside sign above the movie theatre. Anyways, enough about my nostalgia about small and independent movie theatres, we went to see boyhood and I really loved the movie. It really caught the process of growing up so delicately (it was filmed over a period of 12 years with the same actors), you can see the boy really grow into a man. For me it sometimes felt like a documentary, because the emotions and situations felt so real and life-like (although I obviously don't know how it feels to grow up as a boy). It really made me realise once again that life is so precious, and we should appreciate every phase. It also made me realise that at 33 you do not always know more about life than at 18.