Too cool for school

Last week we went to the school we want to inscribe Petti to for a first introduction.
I must say, it is a bit confronting to think that your baby that was once 46cm and 2,4 kg has to be starting pre-school soon. Because school means another step in letting her go and preparing her for her own life. The school principal insisted on doing this tour during school hours, since he wanted to show a school in action and not a building. I thought that was a good starting point. So last week we visited all the kids from 2,5 years old to 12, so we could see the evolution and how their educational programmes work. I was positively surprised by the positive vibe as all kids seemed happy, they were dancing, drawing, listening to a story, learning with things adapted to our modern times. Petti was a little shy, holding her daddy close but she was interested in what the kids where doing. I am happy we made the decision when she was born to put her into daycare for 3 (half) days a week, so the shock will be less when she goes to school. She knows that mommy & daddy go away in the morning but she also knows that we come back and in the meantime she plays happily with other children and she learns with them and from them.
My baby is not gonna be a baby much longer.
Not easy for a moms heart. Enjoying every minute and every afternoon I have with her (although she can be a handful sometimes), and capturing these moments forever.