7 Breakfunch ideas

Breakfast - Brunch - Lunch is a big deal at our place on weekends.
We don't get up very early on weekends, so we combine breakfast and lunch, so it can be a little more elaborate than a little cereal, right? 
I thought I'd share some of our favourites with you. So here we go:
Welcome to our breakfast table!

1. French toast

2. Mushroom on toast with a soft boiled egg

3. Avocado-omelette-bacon-cheese sandwiches

4. Lolo's French ultra thin pancakes (with rum and lime zest) &    nutella

5. The Americano (too much bacon, too many eggs)

6. Cheese and bacon bread soldiers (that's how we call them) to dip into the soft boiled egg and on the healthier side: granola and Greek yoghurt with pear and honey

7. A Scandinavian brunch platter

Vive les weekends!
All photos by The 3L Syndrome